We have a variety of beds and lotions to help you with all of your tanning needs.

Sunstar Tanning Bed – Level 1 Regular Bed

Sunstar tanning beds are complete with 14 velocity bulbs on the bottom and 16 velocity plus bulbs on the top, totaling 30 lamps. Breakthrough computer engineered BioTech tunnels and mainframe that give consistent, fast, and total tanning from all angles. Combined with the curved wide tanning surface and staggered lamp positioning, Sunstar tanning beds undoubtedly make tanning more even. The beds also come with specially designed reflectors that conserve energy without sacrificing tanning power, and acrylic sheets that extend the penetrating power of UV light. Unlike lower-end tanning beds, Sunstar beds also have more accurate digital timers and hour meters so you can monitor tanning activity more efficiently.

Sun Capsule XL

One difference between a stand up bed and a traditional tanning bed that you lay on is that they have slightly different lamps. The lamps on a stand up model are designed to reflect the UV rays more evenly. This tends to give a really good quality tan and for that reason many people actually prefer stand up beds to traditional ones. The bulbs also tend to be a higher voltage than a regular lay down tanning bed too, so this means that you don’t have to use them as long as you normally would with ordinary tanning beds.

LEVEL #2 Super Bed
Our Super Sundash is a favorite of active year-round tanners who expect the most out of each tanning visit. This bed has 40 lamps—with incredible 160 watt high output reflector lamps above you and 120 watt high output below you!

Our Super Sundash has a specially designed base that scoops up around you, ensuring an even, deep tan. If you really want to “power up” your tan, the Super Sundash is for you! Tanning time up to 20 minutes.

The Orbit Tanning Bed

The Orbit Tanning bed is great for people on the go. It only takes about 12 minutes, and once you reach your desired tan, you only need one treatment about every 5 days to keep it perfect. The Orbit Bed gives you a gentle and even tan. It is elliptical in shape so that you get a tan all over. Most sunburns are from UVB light. The Orbit Tanning Bed uses a UVA light. UVB and UVA are both ultra violet rays of light, but UVA light has a longer wavelength than the UVB. The Orbit Bed uses 11,000 watt lights for creating tans. These lights prevent unsightly stripes, and promote a darker more bronze tan.

XL-200/20 Shark
Turbo Plus – Full Air Condition

The Shark XL 200/20 is a Great White with great comfort. High-pressure UV performance with the most comfortable tanning surface making it the ideal combination for any tanner that demands the ultimate in luxurious tanning pleasure. The separate watt high-pressure units in the canopy, bottom, side, shoulders and face provide biting performance. Combined with the newly developed Shark technology, they ensure that you are tanned with the optimum ratio of UV-A and UV-B rays. Add to that the vertical spaghetti lamp tanner and you have an amazingly powerful bed.

It commands respect due not only to its tanning power, but also its unequaled comfort. You can relax with this Shark as it embraces you in it’s air conditioned climate. Further enhancing its comfort, the Shark has additional face ventilation providing cooling pleasure reminiscent of wind across the ocean. Its sharp looks and distinctive features immediately capture your attention.

Legacy Leg Tanner
Due to poor circulation and lack of adequate moisture (dryness), legs are slower tanning.
Open The Clamshell Top, Relax In The Adjustable Swivel Chair, And Prepare To Experience Fast And Effective Tanning From Your Hips To Your Toes. In A Hurry? Tanning In The Legacy Is A Maximum Of 10 Minutes To Fit Your Busy Lifestyle.

Mystic Tanning Booth

It’s no secret why millions of people each year are going sunless. It’s the easiest way to give yourself a complete makeover in just minutes. Sunless adds beautiful natural looking color to your skin without sun exposure. So when you need to look and feel your best, go sunless!

Now that you know the secret, what are you waiting for?